Dillon Francis – Say Less Ft G-Eazy

Dillon’s been the homie forever and we’ve always talked about collaborating, so this song was inevitable,” added G-Eazy. “It’s basically the bridge that connects two worlds — it’s where we meet in the middle creatively. It’s a party track about meeting a girl at a music festival and finding love under the influence of multiple illicit substances. It’s about being straight to the point… say less means say no more.”

G-Eazy is trying to expand his audience over to the EDM world. After a whole EP with DJ Carnage, he has now collaborated with another beast from the genre, Dillon Francis. Their new song ‘Say Less’ has been released today.The hyped up Electronic/Trap song is the first release on DJ and producer Dillon Francis’ newly established label IDGAFOS

Take A Listen Below

DOWNLOAD Dillon Francis – Say Less Ft G-Eazy

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